Abstract Thoughts on Art

     I have always wondered and I still wonder where the word art derives from – artistry or artificial. I cannot give an answer but the two notions overlap. The art must be artistic and it is artificial – it is made by people. Everything in nature is in proportion, neither more nor less than needed. However, people torn apart from the pure necessity in order to leave their own trace in every aspect of life. Boulevard could be just two lanes in both directions but somebody put a line of roses in between. This is something irrational in the rational, which gives flavor to life. Humankind has been asking the same existential question from the beginning of all beginnings. What is the meaning of life? People look for an answer all their lives and reach different conclusions. Is it beauty or emotions, or perfection, or … The same question could be referred to art but cannot have a single answer. Art could be anything – communication, way of living etc. Art is on the street but only the most sensitive can detect, appreciate and enjoy it. These are people who listen to the pulse of universe and do not live in inertia. Art is to relax and switch off in order to hear your thoughts and stop time. Only real and sincere art can be a passage to this state. If I have given a moment of peace or sparked thoughts or if I have given a pure delight to the eye, I have fulfilled my mission. Another phenomenon exists in our reality, the so called kitsch. Art gives way to kitsch when the proportion is lost. Therefore, I try to keep the proportion in my art. Art in general varies and my art varies too. I’ve tried to recapture nature in some paintings or to catch the spur of the moment in others. Some of my works are simply an attempt to find balance and harmony. Others are based on an idea. The door is open. Please come in!